Tom Blees, the president of SCGI, does an outstanding job of connecting with audiences, and delivers compelling and thought-provoking presentations. He combines his expertise, his understanding of how people learn about the world's energy problems, and his visionary solutions that can lead to a world of peace and prosperity.

Tom is a motivational speaker for the future of our planet. His optimistic yet realistic vision of our future stands in sharp contrast to the doomsayers who all too often maintain that our survival necessitates depriving ourselves or others of the standard of living we enjoy today.  Whether you are having a business conference, association meeting, sustainable energy conference, media interview or other event, you want to present something your attendees will hear, absorb and then take away as motivational and actionable knowledge, which will ultimately determine the success of your event. Tom will work with you to provide a memorable experience tailored to your audience.

Please contact us to discuss your needs.


SCGI's expanding roll of qualified experts represents a rich vein of knowledge on an increasing variety of energy and environmental issues. Many of them are available for speeches, conferences, or interviews in their home countries and beyond. We welcome your inquiries.

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